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Chris March


My name is Chris March, I am a software engineer who lives in the city centre of Manchester, in the United Kingdom.

Stalk me online

  • I am of course on GitHub. Most of the things I've worked on in the last few years are currently closed-source. While the stuff that is open-source is mostly years old, not maintained and far from my best work, there's no point hiding it!
  • You can see where, how far and how fast I've been running on my Strava profile.
  • You can make unsolicited offers of employment via LinkedIn. I have all notifications turned off and the chances are I won't reply to you or follow you.
  • I am no longer on Facebook. My day-to-day life is really quite uninteresting - and so is yours.
  • I am no longer on Twitter. It is a platform that fosters conflict rather than constructive debate. It would also appear to be populated by either large numbers of automated bots, or more worryingly, large numbers of real people who behave in a similar way to automated bots.
  • I am no longer on Instagram. Same reason as I'm not on Facebook.